Saturday, March 19, 2011

Start of Day One

Even though I picked up my new Xoom late yesterday afternoon, I am counting today as "Day One."  I had too much to do yesterday evening to be able to have time to really use the Xoom much.  The fact that I didn't stay up all night last night playing with the new gadget pretty much gives away the fact that I am not an early adopter of bleeding edge technology.

I am neither a tech-head nor a computer illiterate.  Like many other areas of my life, I fall somewhere in the middle.   One of the themes of this blog will be to give a review of the Xoom from that perspective.

So far I have found the Xoom to be fairly intuitive.  Not owning a laptop, I have very little experience dealing with wi-fi but have had no difficulty getting the Xoom to connect to the internet via wi-fi.  Once that was done, navigating to blogger was a simple process -- bring up the browser and type in the url.

The touchscreen keyboard works fairly well.  Unlike with my Android phone, the keys are large enough that I can easily hit the letter I want to hit rather than have the system pick up one of the other letters on either side of the one I wanted.  However there are a couple things I can do texting on my phone that do not seem to be the default on the tablet.  When texting on my phone a single letter "i" gets capitalized automatically and so does the first letter of a sentence.  There may be an option to do that on the Xoom, but I haven't had a chance to look into it yet.

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