Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Start of Day Four -- Review of Outside Use.

It certainly is nice to be able to sit outside and access the internet. I realize I am way behind the times in just now finally enjoying that benefit of being untethered. Nice spring weather has finally reached our area, so I picked up the Xoom just in time.

However, I can see the point of the Kindle ads where they focus on the readability of the Kindle's screen outdoors as compared to other devices. I do need to be careful where I sit in relation to the sun. Even in the shade I can still see the reflection of my face on the screen. That's a drawback I can deal with though, so I can foresee spending quite a bit of time on the back porch.

Maybe over time the next door neighbor's dog will get used to seeing me and stop barking. So far the little, yipping critter is more annoying than the screen glare.

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